Lilia Espinosa – Tyson, founder and owner of Carolina Translation solutions, has been in the interpretation and translation industry for over 15 years; she has broad experience and training
in several different areas such legal (Providing interpretation for trials, depositions, mediations, examinations under oath), medical, insurance, government agencies, corporate, education and non-profit organizations. Lilia is widely known in the legal arena for her work at the NC court of appeals, NC Child Support Services and all the Wake County Court System.She has gathered the most selected team of professionals in the translation industry to work together in a joint venture to make Carolina Translation Services a reality.

All the team has a broad experience and training on the interpretation industry and has achieved recognition statewide for their performance, integrity and work ethics within the Hispanic community of North Carolina.

We have been doing it for a long time with excellent reviews from all of their customers and the best customer satisfaction. Our team at Carolina Translation Services does not improvise! We have done it just right for a long time so we know how it works and what it takes to satisfied your needs.


Bridge the communication between you and your clients, vendors and business partners.
Assure your clients get the best from your law firm in their language and culture.

Provide your patients the accurate information and attention that assure successful patient outcomes based on clear, confidential communication from initial contact, through the treatment phase and on into follow up.

Commitment to confidentiality, impartiality, accuracy and completeness; it means fluent
interpreters familiar with your medical, legal or business terminology and with the experience and professionalism you require.

Understanding: Your interpreter is bilingual and bicultural, able to listen to each participant, capture the meaning of each phrase and provide that information to the other party in an easy to understand format native to the culture of each participant.

Offer first class service our clients expect from their interpreter.

Market Facts

Hispanic Population in North Carolina has grown dramatically for the past 10 years in the state (7.5% annually) and it is forecasted to increase at double digits on the next 20 years.

More than 3% of the new businesses established in the state from 2002 are from Hispanic owners. Hispanics are the nation's largest minority ethnic group. They numbered 46.9 million, or 15.4% of the total U.S. population, in 2008, up from 35.3 million in the 2000 Census. Among all Hispanics living in this country, 62% are native born and 38% are foreign born. Among Hispanic adults, however, just 47% are native born while 53% are foreign born. (Pew Research Center)

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